Random Thoughts: Catalogs of the Past

As good as toys and games are now there is something a bit more magical about those goodies in the past. We had to use some imagination. Not a lot more, just some.

If you would like to take a stroll down memory lane then take a peek at the fine collection of old catalogs at Wishbook on Flicker and Wishbook Web.

Holiday Catalog Girls


Your favorite toy from yesteryear is hiding somewhere in the scanned pages. When you find it get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy.


Holiday Catalog Boys

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Show Benders: Last Man Standing

If it wasn’t for Tim Allen’s deep connection to ABC/Disney this show would have most likely been canceled in today’s instant hit or miss culture. Fortunately for Tim Allen fans, conservatives, and most important, people that just like to laugh… it is still on and gaining ground.

Last Man Standing

Political views aside, Last Man Standing is the most refreshing resurrection of the family sitcom in decades. Since leaving TV in the 90s to pursue a moderately successful career in movies Tim Allen had an improbable feat to accomplish, create a show better then Home Improvement. Well, he has succeeded.

Tim’s new character is first a father, second a husband, third a business man, and fourth a conservative. You may not like all the zings freely tossed at liberals but his family is there to balance him out. As the father of three girls Tim Allen’s new show is a great twist on his old days as a dad of all boys.

Last Man Standing Netflix

Special guests and a bang up cast make the show a treat. Watch the first 2-3 episodes and if you don’t laugh more than you have in a long while at a TV show check your pulse. If you have a pulse, check you sense of humor next… that may be what has died!

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Gaming: Pop Fiction

Do you love video games and conspiracy theories and urban legends?
Then Pop Fiction on Game Trailers is for you.


Pop Fiction roots deep down into the myths and lore of the video gaming industry. They expose the glitches, the true Easter Eggs, and the hoaxes.

Pop Fiction Screens

Forty episodes strong, there’s plenty to discover. Is there a secret Pokemon? Does Laura Croft bare it all in Tomb Raider? Can Mario jump over the flag? Can I get some cake? Find out.


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Movies: The Conjuring

Looking for another good scare before Halloween is over? The Conjuring my be the scariest flick in quite some time. But, to get the full effect you will want to have a good sound system (don’t rely on tinny speakers from a flat panel TV). Half of the tension is in the audio.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring has a nice flow to build up tension along the way with great visuals. And, while the last few minutes fall a bit flat don’t let that stop you from enjoying a good shudder.

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